Logistics companies trust us to increase profits,
customer experience and
employee engagement.

Transformation Services

Strategy & Roadmap.
People & Leadership.
Organization & Ownership.
Technology & Digitalization.
Processes & Collaboration.
Performance & Results.
Coaching & Interim Mgmt.

Identify gaps in your Target Operating Model

  • Performance analysis & industry benchmarks
  • Focus interviews and questionnaires
  • Define ops roadmap in line with company strategy

Improve your Organizational Health & Culture

  • People: development, collaboration, ownership
  • Leadership: priorities, communication, execution
  • Organization: structure, accountability, interfaces

Go for Process Excellence

  • Elimination
  • Automation
  • Optimization
  • Best Shoring

Digitalize your business

  • Requirements definition including business case
  • Make vs. buy decision including vendor selection
  • Build or vendor management
  • Deployment
  • Business benefits capture

Manage your performance and exceed targets

  • Continuous Improvement / Six Sigma
  • Change Management
  • Operational Scorecards
  • Product (Lifecycle) Management
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Business Financial and Operational Planning (1-3 years)
  • Business Performance Management & Quality Management
  • Coaching and Interim Management

Digitalization Products

Our Transformation Services help you to define and implement your digitalization roadmap. In addition, we build own cost-efficient technology solutions to resolve process, data and cost challenges in the logistics industry.

Measure Cargo Dimensions.
Capture Load Factors.
Document Shipment Profiles.

Charge What You Operate.
Avoid Revenue Leakage.
Increase Profits.

  • Tailored for forwarding business
  • Focus on biz benefits and best ROI
  • Low cost (starts at 1400 Euro per site and year)
  • Mobile device that fits in a pocket
  • Scalable & easy to use solution
  • Sync warehouse and office operations
  • End-to-end process (capture to bill)
  • Customizable parameters & geo levels
  • Implementation within days
  • Optional customer system integration

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Our team successfully delivered several transformations in the areas of target operating model, organizational redesign, business integration, performance improvement, digitalization, best shoring and operational controlling.


Our Swiss founder, Urs Bruellhardt, spent 30 years with global logistics industry leaders covering operational and senior management positions across road, air and ocean freight.

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Working Principles

Focus on operations activities in the logistics & service industry.

Leverage the intrinsic know-how from your people and business partners.

Enable your organization to endorse and drive change across levels.

Support with business & transformation experts who know your industry.

Joint commitment to achieve your targets long term.


We are looking forward to discussing your business challenges with you.